Hello I am Oliver Dunkl

I am a software engineer, specialized in functional programming languages such as Clojure, Haskell etc. For my daily work I use primarly declarative operating systems like NixOS or GuixSD and my development environment of choice is Emacs running on a tiling window manager such as i3 Window Manager.

I live in small town in the North of Austria called Laa an der Thaya and I am travelling to Vienna back and forth daily with the train. In my spare time I am a father of two children and a husband. Additionally I am playing tennis and go running.

Project History

Here you can see a short overview of my last projects and it’s technologies which I used. For more details of the projects look at my projects site.

2018 - current
Recipe System for private use for all of our meals. I love to cook some meals and try out some new recipes. In case of this background I produced a responsive web application for managing all my recipes.
Used technologies: Clojure, ClojureScript, SQLite

2015 - current
Reservation System for the Tennis Club in Laa/Thaya. For this project a system is been developed to give all members the possibility to reserve a court on a specific date. It supports a role model for all members and mappes some special rules on that roles.
Used technologies: Haskell, Clojure, ClojureScript, Elm, SQLite

2015 - current
Some inhouse projects for RISE - Research Industrial Software Engineering primarily with functional programming languages.

2012 - 2015
ÖBB TicketShop (aka Ticket4All) for the local public railways (ÖBB). In this project I was responsible for the system which offers the ‘right’ ticket for each customer.
Used technologies: Haskell

Work History

2015 - current
RISE - Research Industrial Software Engineering - Software Engineer/Specialist for functional programming especially in Clojure/ClojureScript and Haskell.

2012 - 2015
T-Systems Austria GmbH - Software Engineer mainly in Haskell

2009 - 2012
BEKO Engineering & Informatik AG - Software Engineer in Java

2006 - 2009
Java Developer for some companies: 3United/VeriSign and openForce


Master’s Degree (Dipl. Ing.) Communication and Simulation Engineering

2005 - 2006
ETH Zurich - Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

2002 - 2006
University of Applied Science St.Pölten - Communication and Simulation Engineering